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Liberate Te Ex Inferis

(Save Yourself From Hell)

29 September
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i've been dragging the lake for dead kids
while you were sleeping
crossing away the calendar,
rotting away into the ground
where you belong!
i dont know what they said,
they all left me for dead.
and when im done,
god can have his way with me,
so nail the casket one more time!
im ready to go baby!
nail the casket one more time!
twist the knife, it wont last forever,
twist the knife,
you know it wont baby!
twist the knife it wont last forever,
forever more.
do not change the subject!
lets go chase the sunset!
bring me the horizon!

bring me the horizon! now!
forever, it wont last forever,
so nail the casket.
i hate all my friends,
this must end.